GW back with Specialist this a sign?

Apparently GW is bringing back Specialist Games:

I will be honest here, I think this is a desperate move of a company who detroyed, in the last decade, all the wargaming comunity they had, it feels just wrong.

I love most of these games, but GW do not produce games anymore and other companies have filled that void. Perhaps they are realising the huge mistakes they have done in the last decade and trying to fix them, sorry, too late for me (and, I guess, for a lot other players...)

But I’m happy for those whom will enjoy!

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GW news not confirmed

A lot of websites have doubts. No official confirmation from Games Workshop yet. Might very well be fake.

If it's fake someone in

If it's fake someone in Australia will soon lose his job ;)

Announce on facebook has been

Announce on facebook has been posted 16hours ago and it's still there, I really think this is real (or at least partially) because otherwise it wouldn't stay so long in an official GW page...

it is now...official

it is now...official