Stolen Knowledge: the Meta Myth

A couple of years ago WWPD published a very interesting view on the 'Meta', something that "by definition it’s more than just what is popular, it is something that breaks the game and gives players an unfair advantage"

Mitch Reed debunks this myth, in particular for Flames of War but more in general as well.

So why do we as players claim that the game has a meta?  My opinion is that we are not embracing the learning curve with each new addition to the game.  We like playing certain lists or types of lists repeatedly and are slow to change things up.  Yes; some of this has to do with disposable income and time to paint a new force, however we do like to stay within our comfort zones as things change.  Each list comes with a built in learning curve and can play differently than every other list in the game; the onus is on us to learn new tricks and evolve with the game.   Sometimes it is not a new list we need it is teaching an old dog new tricks.  We seldom look at the different capabilities a list offers us and learn to apply them differently in new situations. 

Interesting opinion, good read. Full article here. Is it a myth or a fact of game life?