Chaosbunker reviews Market Garden Bolt Action Campaign


Chaosbunker reviewed the new Warlord campaign book Bolt Action. Author is Chris Brown - the man we met in 2016, a couple of us 6shooters and Karl V from the Flames of War-group played an Arnhem Wargame with him in Arnhem in a hotel.

The whole operation is introduced with a timeline and guides you through the nine days along the scenarios. Similar to Battleground EuropeCampaign Market Garden covers special rules for airborne units and drop offs, along with some special rules applying for certain scenarios on withdrawal and casualties. 

Bolt Action - Campaign Market Garden

First Impression
I had to check twice, to see if I didn't read it wrong. There are 26 scenarios in this book - 26! And even rules for solo play, in case you're short of another player. It is quite detailed for a campaign supplement, as the other books usually cover month and years of combat and this book "only" covers nine days. 

(...) Campaign Market Garden goes for a more cinematic / scripted approach. You have scenarios with clearly determined squads. For example the first scenario gives the allied player three 6-man squads and the German player two 5 man patrols with later reinforced patrol teams of 4. But not played on a small 3 by 3 table, but a regular set up. 

(...) If there ever was a supplement for Bolt Action, that called for a campaign themed weekend, it might be Market Garden. Grab your pals for a Friday evening of A bridge too far, ignore the Leopard I stand-ins for Wehrmacht tanks, enjoy a pint or scotch to get in the mood for a day or two of gaming.

Some people weren't happy about the way, Campaign Market Garden felt, but I guess, that is due to the way it differs from the other books. Some scenarios are rather specific on how they want to be played. But I don't have a problem with that. If you buy this book, you don't give them your brain in return. See these as an inspiration for your gaming. You can do it like they suggest you to do, but nobody is keeping you from modifying it to your like. Don't have 4 Flammpanzer B2(f), substitute them with similar gear that would be part of a second line tank training unit (other captured French tanks for example) and so on.

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