Kill Team M&M's first impressions

Neil Shuck from the Meeples and Miniatures popular podcast tried the game:

There is a lot to like in the new game:

The plastic scenery is excellent
The plastic figures for the Adeptus Mechanicus and Genestealer Brood are well detailed, and even come in different coloured plastic so that the game can be played without first painting the miniatures – surely a nod to making the game more accessible to those new to the hobby
The rulebook is well laid out, and appears to be pretty much completely self-contained, detailing 16 factions that can be played
Mission and campaign rules are included, to enable players to fight linked battles and progress their forces
Expansion packs include models for a particular Kill Team, plus required cards and additional themed scenery, and seem very reasonably priced.

On the downside, however:

"Compared to the more streamlined mechanics of modern games, I found combat – which, lets face it, is the meat of most games – to be a laborious dice fest. With the addition of ‘Flesh Wounds’ a total of four dice rolls are now required for each and every combat to fully resolve it.  Roll to Hit, Roll to Wound, Roll to Save and Roll for Wound Effect. Our experience when we played was that the majority of these dice interactions ended in no effect being had. (...) 

There is no doubt that Kill Team is an excellent product. I was initially excited to see it, and I was certainly considering this as a purchase, if I enjoyed the game. However, what I instead discovered is that with one notable exception, I think I am done with 40K. I have after all been there, done it, drunk deep of the cool-aid, bought (several) T-Shirts and then moved on to other things.

One thing is certain, if you like W40K, I think you will love Kill Team.

It’s not Kill Team, It’s me.

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