Kings of War

After living in Uithoorn for 4 years, I finally caved in. ALL the Uithoorn wargamers are playing Kings of War, except for me. Now, that has changed. I have played an intro game versus my neighbour, decided that it wasn't a fun, but a very tactical game not unlike DBA. So, after 20 years my Orcs came out of the closet, Marktplaats was turned into a recruiting area and so were several manufacturers I had not perused before. I'll add some fantasy miniatures to my 28mm Barbarians so I'll be able to provide two armies. Anyone else with unused fantasy miniatures?


As you know, I'm a big propagandist of 9th Age...I just can't believe you. :-)

More serious: I think it's tactical and quick, but not really my taste. 

One of my best friends is a whfb player. Maybe I can convince him.


Lately a friend of mine is also painting up an KoW army.

And I'm always in for new (and old) games.

I even have a lot of Fantasy Armies to turn them into KoW armies :-)