Da's best een hoop.


 A bit selfcongratulation because I NEED it..

The miniatures were primed and block painted but not ready and quite 'flat'. I'll finish them quickly, I thought, but yes, although I'm fast, the work took more time than expected. However: 

  1. Finished/ highlighted/ varnished the 25 painted commando's
  2. Finished/highlighted/camouflaged/varnished the 20 painted paratroopers
  3. Repainted the Germans field grau: 20
  4. Glued and painted 25 other late war Germans, field grau and camouflage. I HATE GLUEING.
  5. Glued and painted a Cromwell tank: varnished this tank and 3 other tanks
  6. I varnished the gun
  7. based all miniatures on metal rings.

Great job, curious to see the end result!


Standard tabletop quality. Block paint, Army Painter, highlight. Not to be ashamed of, but nothing special. But at least we have a shoebox full of miniatures from now on.