Boardwargame opponent wanted!

As described in my Vassal blog I would like to try out some old school boardwargames, mainly Napoleonic and Renaissance games.

A few favorites: the Kevin Zucker Napoleon games are apparently quite good

I have a traditional Renaissance boardwargame 'Campaigns of Marlborough' with a counters on a map that we can try at home or in a bar before trying it via Cyberboard.



Quite confusing, using Boardgames and Boardwargames. To (board-)gamers, these are very different games. Please beware.

I was expecting games like Kolonisten van Catan, Stenen Tijdperk, Ticket to Ride of Hoogspanning. Alas, no. sad


EDIT: boardWARgames

Kolonisten van Catan? AAARGH :-)


As I have said before, I'd love to try out my new 1806 board wargame. No need to use vassal, as I have two game boards. You'd just need to duplicate the playing pieces if you'd play apart, which shouldn't be too hard.


I'm always up for boardgames.



Mark those other things are Euro-games :-D


I think this maybe summarises the world view of different types of gamer:

To a Board war gamer - Board war games are Wargames, Non-hexy/hardcore type games are games or euro-games, games with figures are miniatures games

To a miniature gamer - games with figures are wargames, nothing else exists

To a euro/non-hexy/cardy gamer - all euro/non-hexy/cardy games are boardgames, nothing else exists

To a paintballer - live games with paint pellets are wargames, nothing else exists

LARPing - well, the less said the better


j/k ;-)