Cheap 2nd hand Bolt Action on GWHobby

I just spotted this deal on GW Hobby, package deal for only 75 euro, here. Painted already. Good for a club demo.

20 Red Devils (met Rifles, SMGs, PIAT, Mortar, 50 Cal)

25 Commando's (met Rifles, SMG's, 30 Cal)

2 Britse Medium Tanks

1 Super HEavy Anti-tank gun incl. crew

1 German tank

1 US army squad

small Japanese squad

small German infantry squad


I consulted Eltjo and Maarten. We will buy it as club.

  • many of us play 28mm WW2
  • we will organize a WW2-demo day in May. Besides, Eltjo and I organize demo games, and we three think it's useful
  • It's painted and comes with 3 tanks and an AT-gun. Ready for immediate use. Walk in, get the miniatures and play a game. Good for newcomers who like to try something. Or a future tournament. It's meant for common use.
  • I will DONATE all my 28mm WW2 to the club (25 germans and 30 Brits, paratroopers and commandos) 
  • We have no plans to obtain 'club armies' but for this specific bargain we make an exception.

If you have big objections, please inform me IN PERSONAL EMAIL before 31-1 20.00. If we wait too long somebody else might buy the stuff. This forum is not meant for long discussions. If the regulars and more important the WW2 players agree, and others don't care, we will do it. I felt that I should announce this plan in our forum because we only bought scenery so far and no miniatures.


Sounds good to me. It's the kind of thing it's good to use our excess for


Got it. Even negotiated a small discount, he happy, we happy.