New Year Resolutions 2018

Here in the forum I rediscovered my wargaming New Year Resolutions from 2015, "In no particular order, for 2016/17"

Paint 3 15mm musketeer armies an organize a Big Multiplay Battle 1672-1700, Maurice or Pike &Shotte

  • painted. No big battle organized, though. Only 1vs1

Paint 6mm Napoleonics and play Blücher

  • painted. My plan for 2018 is to paint and play even more

Paint my Marlborough 28mm miniatures and play Donnybrook (a musketeer Frostgrave game)

Paint my BA british commando's

still a plan. 2018?

Paint my 6mm ww2 Market Garden troops and play Blitzkrieg Commander

Painting halfway. Playing: 2018

Speedpaint my 28mm orcs for Kings of War

Maybe. Some day. KoW? Not really my cup of tea. Fantasy.

Learn FoW

Still interested. Mark?

Learn Art de la Guerre

Played it once. OK, but ancients is lower on my priority list.

Build & paint (club)scenery


Armada? Maybe some day. Same with Dungeon Saga, Mansions of Madness.

Still the same. Maybe some day. Not Armada, but DS, MoM. Conan! That would be nice!


My resolutions for last year: 

1. Gain weight.
2. Paint Descent, Conan, Fins and some yet to be bought scifi skirmishers.
3. Builde ww2 winter terrain.
4. Drink more.

1. Managed  !
2. My god.... Finns are painted, Conan partly painted. Descent not painted at all. The 'yet to be bought scifi skirmshers are to now bought infinity armies (3), as well as an C3-Antares army. C3 partly painted, Infinity not painted yet.
I call this an epic fail. No promisis for 2018.
3. Failed, but will be done in 2018.
4. Failed. I think a actually drank a lot less.


So, for 2018:
1. Paint conan, C3 (Antares) and Infinity.
2. Finnish (pun) winter terrain.
3. Drink more ! 


Not bad :)

Here are mine:

1. Paint an Infinity army (just one ;-) )

2. Paint my Moonstone warbands and some more terrain to go with it.

3. Paint another two French Napoleonic units


cool topic, so let's see my 2017 resolutions and how they went:

1. Lose 20kg - cross trainer 30-60 minutes at least 5 times a week and diet

Yeah right....stopped after 3 months, probably gained the few I lost. But. I started again, there's hope

2. Don't buy new models other than for Antares, until I finish the below

Here I did quite well, I did buy couple of boxes of Dwarves plus some 10 mm armies at Crisis but overall I feel very well with this resolution

3. Paint 15mm Late republican Romans for S&S

Nope. But. I realized I will never paint them so I started to base them, at least I might get them on the table even if only with basecoat and couple base colors.

4. Paint Normans army for SAGA

Slowly getting there, beginning of the year 0 models painted, end of the year 4 models completed and many more with basic colors

5. Paint Boromites for Antares

500 army painted. Plus some extra units, not bad here at all.

6. Paint 28mm Garibaldini for SP

Nope, zero, didn't even get them out of the cabinet

7. Paint 28mm Undead for Kings of War

These have been downgraded to a lower shelf so I don't see them coming out anytime soon.

8. Play SP, S&S, SAGA and Kings of War 

Played 1 out of 4 with S&S coming this weekend 


Now, the more reasoned resolutions for 2018

1. Lose 20 kg.

2. Play S&S (that's an easy one to achieve) WW2 Wings of Glory, Gangs of Rome, Sharp Practice

3. At least 1500 points painted Boromites

4. Paint two gangs for Gangs of Rome

5. Paint scenery for Gangs of Rome

6. Finish writing my "The Art of War" wargaming rules

7. Finish writing rules for Beyond the Gates of Antares campaign system

8. Post at least 10 articles on my blog


We could organize a 2018 All Day Paint Day in February, with a bunch of us lead/plastic collectors.

Start at 10, drink coffee, bring all Yet To Paint Models, start painting together, have lunch, paint some more, drink beer, have a pizza, paint the last details, matt coat varnish, drink a final beer or coffee and finish at 22.00. We can simply book an extra Saturday or Sunday.

  1. Wake up at 06:30 and run around the lake at least 3 times a week 
  2. Finish the terrain for Poldercon, and maybe add a few minis to the Sharp Practice AWI scenario
  3. Continue to build my Canadian and German forces, expand my Cossacks into a (Soviet/German) cavalry force for Bolt Action/Chain of Command
  4. Finish a 500 point Antares army
  5. Start with a 28mm Kingdom of the Two Sicilies army for Garibaldi (Song of Drums and Shakos/Sharp Practice)
  6. Complete a 15mm Spanish 80YW Renaissance army for Tercios (Battle of Noordhorn 1581)
  7. Whatever comes along next, either 6mm Napoleonic/WW2 or 15/20mm Napoleonic

1: Almost...3 times a week was too much for my knees, so settled for something like three times a month.

2. Check, very happy with the results.

3. Check, Bolt Action league winner! Cossacks have been finished too, with more Soviets already painted. Will finish a complete Winter War army, including scenery in 2018.

4. Partly, finished my Vardinari and almost done with my Baron Harkkonen/Trump/Leia combo. Expect more to come this year.

5. Nope, nice models though ;-) Want to paint 10 guys so I can play Song of Drums and Shakos

6. Yes! Was fun, beautiful army and I want to paint some more one day.

7. Check. 6mm Nap is moving forward with some neighbourly help, started on Dropzone and last but not least the HUUUGE Rotterdam 1940 project. I plan to have playable armies this year for all of them.

8. NEW: Play Rattenkrieg, (very detailed WW2 skirmish), demo at Crisis and play Crossfire with my own 6mm US Airborne.



1. Paint the Tomb of Annihilation minis
2. Buy a horse, if I finish 1