Mayday! (was: Meet an American Wargamer / Designer?)

EDIT: Hi all, event moved to the 'clubdays' section: .


American long-time wargamer and history fan Bill Owen contacted us. He is organizing a wargaming and military history tour to Europe. He expects to arrive in Amsterdam May 20th after a NW Europe WW2 tour. He likes chatting, meeting, maybe a game.

I checked his blog about wargame design and he appears to have a serious interest in wargame campaigns, Command Decision, Rommel, Volley & Bayonet and WW2. Plays games since 1970. Has organized many special interest wargame tours, He combines interest in history and wargaming and was involved in a company that produced supplements for Gygax' TSR D&D. Wargame and history buff. Likes to meet like-minded people.

I'm thinking about arranging something. Don't know what, yet.

If we organize a game or just arrange a social meeting is not clear yet. The group departs from Amsterdam back to the US: probably many just want to buy souvenirs, visit Van Gogh, etc. So maybe a dinner or a meeting in a bar is more feasible than a game. He wrote:

A social meeting would be great! Sorry for getting back to you so late but the holidays here got me sidetracked. I have up to 3 other people saying they will book the tour this week so we may have 8-11 people coming. I will copy the tour manager, Mark Williams, so he knows what we’ve talked about.  Mark has been a good friend for a long time and we played many dozens of wargames over the years. He is a retired aeronautical engineer and teaches history and governmental relations at a college near St. Louis, Missouri. He could alert the group as to the where and when… everyone has to eat so it might be better attended than a several hour game in the middle of the day (...) Anyway one of the guys who is expected to book is Mike Reese, one of the authors of GRT/Tractics! And so as famous to us as Gygax then at least, although Gygax had a bit bigger success with D&D! And so it’s great to see that. 

20th May is Pinkster weekend, I'll keep you updated. If you want to join, feel free. I might like to try Command Decision with him as umpire. Or maybe just have a quick drink.



Have you made a note of it in the agenda, as a reminder?


Yes! Frank Chadwick games! I own Command Decision and have played Volley & Bayonet.Would be nice to meet up.


We can book 20 May as extra gaming day, Pontania informed me.