Clubdag 28-2: Wehrmacht knielt voor god!

Onze tweewekelijkse verzameling van briljante geesten en fotomodellen kwam zondag bijeen voor de reguliere vijandelijkheden.

Deze vier leden stonden verlangend om 13.00 uur voor de ingang te wachten.

(samen met een stuk of tien anderen die niet op de foto pasten)

Binnen zetten we vier tafels op: Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Muskets & Tomahawks, Kings of War,

Another good Blücher review!

Sgt Steiner published a battle report and concluded:

We both enjoyed the game and once again the Blucher rules delivered a fun, plausible game.
I love the MO system which means you need to prioritize your actions each turn and the attritional nature of combat seems very much in keeping with the bloody encounter of 1813/14.
Everything just works and gels together so well.

Song of Drums and Flintloques


In the early 1990’s I re-entered the Hobby reluctantly. I started out with wargaming ten years earlier at the age of ten with Napoleonic WRG rules and Hinchliffe and Minifigs figures. I had restarted with Warhammer models, but I was not up to painting a full army yet; my old British Napoleonic regiments had been painted too fast in an effort to get them on the table quickly, and I did not want to be dictated anymore by the wish to have rows of identical models on the table.

Blücher: review & comparison with Black Powder

After playing a couple of games and running a Jena demo I'd like to publish some thoughts about Blücher, the Sam Mustafa game. I think it's an excellent game and in some aspects better than Black Powder. It at least equals Sam Mustafa's earlier, freely available Fast Play Grande Armee. In fact it's Super Fast Play Grande Armee.

Kings of War-dag in Uithoorn

De Kings of War-groep die langzamerhand ontstaat in Nederland houdt op 13 februari 2016 een spellenmiddag in Uithoorn. Organisatoren zijn Duncan en Lianne Boshuizen en het evenementje is bij hen thuis, kleinschalig maar gezellig. Contact leggen? Facebook, Kings of War Nederland, alwaar ook alle details.

Poldercon: Ctulhu, Osama Been Sleeping en Eltjo Verweij!

Gisteren een Randstedelijk wargamehoogtepuntje in Utrecht: Poldercon, georganiseerd door wargamehardekerners zoals Jan-Willem, Patrick, Jasper en wat andere duistere types, die ik vast vergeten ben. JW's gezinsleden bijvoorbeeld, die zich uit onbegrensde liefde en respect voor hun man en vader inzetten om er een succes van te maken. Is mij tot op heden nog niet gelukt.

Star Wars Tabletop Wargame: 40K and other variants available

So you want to play a Star Wars miniature battle game and you're unhappy with Fantasy Flights X-Wing?

X-Wing, Armada and Imperial Assault are excellent games but not traditional wargames. Boardgame company FFG has no plans to start a miniature wargaming range. Games Workshop didn't buy a license, for unknown reasons. Don't cry! As wargame AND Star Wars fan you have other options.

Financial analyst worried about sales, stock value GW

Consultant Beddard gloomy, Priestly pedantic

My favorite business analyst Richard Beddard, investor and games corp specialist, has doubts about GW's most recent financial report. He wrote in his January column:

Operating profit was flat too, although it was rescued by royalty income from other firms, for example app and computer game producers who use Games Workshop’s fantasy worlds. Profit from the sale of miniatures and games, the company’s core business, fell 15%.


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