'Rommel', Sam Mustafa, is klaar!

Mustafa publiceerde gisteren:

I approved the final printed proofs today. The printer is packing them and getting ready to load on the containers. Rommel will probably hit the water sometime late next week. We're marvelously on schedule for a release in late August or early September.  All depends now upon shippers and Customs agents... what could possibly go wrong?

Dux Brit Review: Saga Rival?

Skirmish Wargaming published a review of Dux Brittanniarum last month. Finally - the game is two years old. Anyway,reviewer Sigur Skwarl is very happy with the very simple but very effective campaign rules. Is this a SAGA killer?  He wrote

Airfix Battles

I stumbled upon a video about unboxing 'Airfix Battles'. Airfix! My old love Airfix!

The box is a nice 'Travel Battle WWII' game.


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