Battlegroup - Another WW2 Ruleset

Rulesets come and go. WW2 rulesets come and go. Some stay. Others make place for modern versions. Who remembers Warhammer Historical The Great War, which was the forefather of Kampfgruppe Normandy, which was the forefather of Battlegroup Kursk? Spearhead? Crossfire? Who remembers Wings of War?

Minwax vs Army Painter: What's Best?



I ran out of my Army Painter Quickshade varnish. The AP dipping method was inspired by the older and much cheaper Minwax dipping technique, and many wargamers think that Minwax (a floor varnish) is actually the same product as AP, but with a different price tag. I researched the question. I'm a wargamer on a shoestring.