Mayday! Pinkster WW2 Wargame Day in Amsterdam

Feel free to come!

We will open the Pontania building at Pinkster Sunday (20-5) for a WW2 full day event at the club. We're open for WW2 participation games. Probably veteran FoW-er Karel will join the event with a large table. Maybe others like to try out Chain of Command, Bolt Action, Combat Patrol. Some American wargamers will drop in late in the afternoon, maybe join the FoW-battle. Free parking, holiday: perfect wargame day.

"I'm new in miniature wargaming, which ruleset/scale should I buy?"

A Newbie Survival Guide

O no. Not again.

The problem is not that you're a newbie, the problem is that when you start a facebook thread asking "I'm new in miniature wargaming, which ruleset/scale should I buy?" helpful veteran wargamers overwhelm you with suggestions. Try Black Powder! No, try Blücher! DBA in 15mm is FAN-TAS-TIC! And do you know quickplay Kings of War?

13-1- 18 Clubdag: Not The Peter Schulein News

Ik zou eigenlijk heel Peter Schuleinistisch een kop moeten bedenken zoals: Gedonder in glazen, Komedie om Geld, Tandoori Napoleon en Conaneren Is Een Mannending. Maar ik ben niet zo creatief. Houten klazen zijn we in Amsterdam, IJzeren Heinen. Stille doodgravers die met lange gezichten onze tinnen soldaten ten grave dragen.

Painting 6mm Napoleonics: fast, but how fast? A test

(updated) Some time ago I started a big 6mm project for my favorite Napoleonic game, Blücher. 'Big' means: 6 Baccus armies, 2 British,  2 French, 2 Prussian and a Dutch army. Each army has 240 infantry figures and 108 cavalry, plus some artillery and commanders - about 1750 infantry and 750 cavalry. I paint every evening these days, when work is done, my kids are asleep and my wife is watching television.


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