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Welcome to my strange alternative world of wargaming with toy soldiers: a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books (HG Wells, Little wars)John Lambshead
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Smurf Primaris Repulsor Tank

September 22, 2017 - 15:52
This thing is a brute!

It's a sort of flying Land Raider - only with more weapons.

It has a Gatling cannon and HMG in the turret, twin anti-tank lascannon in a front hull turret, two anti-armour grenade launchers, four anti-personal grenade launchers and a SAM launcher with anti-tank capability on the engine deck.

Oh and then there's the repulsor field that pushes close assaulting infantry away.

And it can carry a section of Bigly Smurfs exiting through the side doors.

Codex creep or what?

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September 12, 2017 - 11:31
A bladed killer swoops down on his prey

My pack of Hellions

The gang leader....for now

He should watch the lady behind him...she is ambitious

Circling around

Celebrating the kill

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Gosh, He's a Big Boy

September 10, 2017 - 14:38

Haven't had much time for painting recently as I've been finishing off a book but I did get around to modelling a Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought.

This is a complicated highly posable model with a multitude of parts that move or open. Display modellers will love it but it is almost over-engineered for a wargame model. Of course, this trend is also detectable in the products currently being offered by non-wargaming kit manufacturers - especially vehicle interiors that can't actually be seen when the model is assembled.

I have read of show judges inserting fibre optic probes into models to check out the quality of painting for non-visible parts. And wargamers are supposed to be obsessives!

Anyway, the model is infinitely posable: you want it in a sumo wrestler crouch? - no problem,  an arm out shoulder high clutching a cultist? - piece of cake, doing chinups - why not?

Just for fun, here is a Primaris Dreadnought by the side of an old one.

The Primaris undoubtedly has presence on the battlefield.

It also has presence in game turns. I've given it a typical general-purpose mixed weapon load of a heavy gatling, close combat weapon, flamer, twin assault grenade launchers and an AA missile launcher with ground to ground capability.

Hellbrutes don't stand a snowball's.

Great model: recommended

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The Warband of Malo the Impaler

September 2, 2017 - 21:10

8th edition has rekindled my interest in 40K so I am getting out all my old models and tarting them up a bit. This is one of my chaos collections.I enjoy putting together small 40K armies and giving them a back story. Somehow it seems much more fun than putting together a killer army. I guess that’s why I play narrative rather than competitive games.

Anyway, here is a small balanced Khorne force.
HQsChaos Lord in terminator armour – 6ptsExalted Champion – 5 pts
Troops15 Khorne Berserkers – 13pts20 Beastmen (cultists) – 6pts
Fast Attack2 Chaos Spawn – 4 pts
Heavy SupportForge Fiend – 9pts
FlyersHell Blade – 8ptsHell Talon – 12pts
Total: 63 pts

In tactical terms the idea is that the Forge Fiend is fire support for what is primarily a close support army. The aerospace assets are there to tie down a defensive line and keep them occupied while the troops move up. The Beastmen are a tarpit and objective holding force. I expect the Berserkers and Spawn to do the actual attacking. 
Malo the ImpalerSgt Maluock of the Iron Hands 1stcompany lost control and slaughtered a detachment of the 73 Zillian Fusiliers who failed to advance dooming his squad of Space Marines, impaling their Colonel and mounting him on his armour. He turned to the worship of Khorne, making an unholy pact with the Seamless Dark Mechanicum Forge World – souls for Daemon engines.
Currently he leads Bloodfist’s Warband of Brazen Gladiators, Donna Bella and her Beastmen cultists, and two Spawn. His warband is supported by three daemon engines – a Forge Fiend, a Hell Talon and a Hell Blade.

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