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Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke
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Keep a Stiff Upper Lip and Carry on Painting!

July 11, 2018 - 15:02
The squadron of Wurttemberg horse grenadiers as of late last (Tuesday) night.

Things are progressing slowly but surely with the current batch of cavalry figures here in Zum Stollenkeller Mk II, bet we're getting there.  Though I finally had to quit last night about 10:15pm after making a second or third mistake.  These flubbs with the brush were fairly easily corrected, but it was time to stop and head off to bed for some reading.  

I'll leave highlighting until just about everything else is finished.  I've also decided on black reins, bridles, and straps this time around with some sparing dark grey highlights ala Doug Mason's work.  And I'll attempt to add some cavalry carbines last of all when everything else, including a white colonel's standard (presumed), has been added.  Horses will be mostly bays with a chestnut or three for variety plus, of course, the grey ridden by the regimental trumpeter near the lower right-hand corner of the photograph.  

The second squadron of the composite regiment, just visible at lower right, will have dark blue coats and will be based on one of the German heavy regiments in bearskins that fought for the French during our era, that is the mid-18th century.

Last of all, a closing thought on the will to keep painting.  

It occurred to me several days ago that so much of our craft involves painting straight or curved lines.  Many, many, many times over.  While highly impressive in appearance once everything is finished and varnished, you'll at once grasp why so many of us -- Guilty as charged, your honor! -- struggle with painting from time to time.  In other words, it's not always the most exciting thing to sit down and do.  Tedious and repetitive come to mind.  It's far more fun, sometimes, to sit down a look at the pretty pictures in our books and magazines isn't it?  But if you manage to switch your mind to autopilot and just get on with it, the end results speak for themselves I think.  Just my two cents on the subject.

-- Stokes

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A Horse Grenadier Painting Update. . .

July 9, 2018 - 03:54
Next up: a few touch-ups, the smaller details, and the dark gray and scarlet highlights before the horse markings, bridles, reins, and related straps.

I've managed to snatch several hours the last four or five days as and when life has allowed to continue work on the squadron of Wurttemberg horse grenadiers.  Yes, I realize I have neglected the shouldered muskets, blast them!  I might add them later if I have enough in the lead pile.

-- Stokes

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Wurttemberg Horse Granadiers: Painting a Test Figure. . .

June 28, 2018 - 15:08
The test figure is shaping up nicely although some of the details do not match the Knoetel plate that serves as one of my main references.

Spent a pleasant hour or so yesterday evening after the Young Master's bedtime working on a single test figure from those 30 RSM95 French cuirassiers in bearskins.  These are destined to become, more or less, one squadron of Wurttemberg horse grenadiers, or more properly 'Leib-Grenadiere zu Pferd,' and a second squadron in either dark blue or white coats based on a different German heavy cavalry regiment in French service. 

The Grand Duchess and I had a conversation about the proper German terminology for these troops late last night, and this was where yours truly was actually right.  It seems all of those years of struggling through German editions of various Funcken titles has paid off.  I "won" the discussion with a professor of German!  Those of you who are married or in long-term relationships will instantly recognize the significance of all this.  It does not happen too often here in The Grand Duchy of Stollen.

Anyway, while some of the details and colors differ a bit from my references, I like the bright, toy soldier appearance of the almost finished test figure.  The red is actually a darker Cherry Red highlighted with Scarlet, and the black facings and cuirass have been highlighted with a gray called Zinc.  All craft acrylics (in two-ounce bottles) in this case although the horses have an oil glaze over various acrylic tans and yellows if memory serves me correctly.  These were done a year ago, and I neglected to record the precise details at that point.

Anyway, I'll finish smaller things on the test figure this evening, and get started on the rest of the first squadron tomorrow evening.  The goal is to finish these by the end of July and then get started on the fourth mini-project for this summer: a new church and a half-timbered warehouse.  So far, we're right on schedule.  More or less.  At least things are moving forward on the hobby front, eh?

-- Stokes

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The Engine Kit Is Almost Finished. . .

June 27, 2018 - 20:57
Between toy soldiers and model car engines during the last ten days or so, things have been kind of busy here in Zum Stollenkeller Mk II.

The Young Master and I just finished installing the distributor, the spark plugs, and adjusted everything into synch on his engine kit started on Father's Day (June 17).  It works! If all goes well, we can finish the final few steps tomorrow and fire it up with additional AA batteries.  Then, it's on to the Smithsonian jet engine kit.  Stand back and hold on to your hats for that one!

-- Stokes
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Just Say "No!" to Trashy in 2018!

June 26, 2018 - 17:46
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