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Pulp Alley: The Stone Knight: Part 2 (AAR)

2 hours 9 min ago
Rags recently played his The Stone Knight scenario solo (it's posted on the Pulp Alley forums) but now the real test: Will it stand up to play by two additional opinionated and cranky gamers? SCIENCE!


[img width=720 heig...
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Re: Harks, Harkilions, Alien Legion miniatures? (crab-like aliens)

2 hours 32 min ago
I was about to suggest Foundry's T'lekkan range, but can't find them on the site. There's nice pics on this blog. Maybe ebay might provide!

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Re: Looking for Bolt Action WW1 rules

2 hours 36 min ago
Just a reminder that this post was a search for WW1 Bolt Action rules  
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(WANTED) 1/144th Ju-88C & Me-110G; Hasbro Titanium Classic Cylon or New Cylon

2 hours 39 min ago
I need a few of the following:

1/144th scale, Ju-88C or Ju-88G, and Me-110G models - prefer, unbuilt kits, but will consider well built and painted ones too.

Hasbro, Titanium, Battlestar Galactica, Classic, or New Era (purple and black paint scheme, Cy...
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Re: Who makes 28mm steam ships?

2 hours 41 min ago
Quote from: Rob_bresnen on December 17, 2017, 11:46:09 PMI was thinking of getting a steam ship, paddle boat etc for my explorers to be transported in style. Who makes suitable models in 28mm scale? Which do yo guys recommend?...
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Traction Wars the Convention Game

2 hours 48 min ago
In an incredibly stupid move that is more than likely to bite me in the bum I have...

a: Decided to run a game at the Little Wars convention Melbourne 2018 (2.June.2018)
b: Post up about it beforehand, trapping me into actually having to do it.

Pros - ...
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Re: Some miniatures for Song of Blades and Heroes (with Oathmark orcs and sf stuff)

3 hours 1 min ago
I finally got the whole batch of 12 miniatures finished tonight, with another Eldar, a brace of tyranids and this beastman (who can be a sort of Gamorrean guard with low-tech weaponry: that will work well in Mutants and Death Ray Guns, especially if he...
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Re: (EBAY) Artizan Old West Bandito added to page 5.

3 hours 13 min ago

Bloody hell, he's good!

He reminds me of the fella in Snowfall.

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Re: Agis Necromunda minis

3 hours 15 min ago
Quote from: Mason on December 17, 2017, 12:18:21 PM.... whereas the new versions seem more in size with an older Marine.

I am very wrong with that, they are even bigger!
I asked a friend of mine who has just picked up...
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Re: Pulp Alley Video - added 10th Dec

3 hours 19 min ago
Quote from: NickNascati on December 17, 2017, 08:40:08 PMSo did that actually end in a draw?

Hmm... well, I basically play the Servants of Apophis as "antagonists". They simply try to thwart Phantom Ace's endeavors to...
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Re: Secret santa DIY. Pencil case battletech.

3 hours 21 min ago
that is totally rad
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Re: My "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" Eureka! Dark Ages

3 hours 36 min ago
QuoteReally beautiful again  Smiley
Thanks very much :-)

Quote"Wow," I like many others have missed seeing you work.
Wonderful painting.
Again all I can say is "Wow."
Thanks for sharing.
Much appreciated :-)
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Re: Did you see the mortal engines trailer at the star wars film?

3 hours 38 min ago
Quote from: eilif on December 17, 2017, 07:04:34 PMVery good to hear!  Now I'm looking foward to it even more.

I totally understand that, I have liked the guy from when he first started out with Bad Taste but I think ...
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Re: The LAF star wars discussion thread. SPOILERS!

3 hours 38 min ago
Quote from: Elbows on December 17, 2017, 11:41:59 PM***Spoilers...obviously***

Can we address the rather comical fact that once again...the end of the movie more or less boiled down to desperate fighter attack craft cha...
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Re: Palaeo Diet (stegosaurus)

3 hours 46 min ago
A really big dinosaur for my palaeo diet or pulp alley games: Rudy
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Re: 1/87 ROCO, 1/100, 1/144 Cold War & WWII Armor Aircraft, 15mm and 32mm Pirates

3 hours 52 min ago
Update - 12/17

Major price reductions on the ROCO vehicles, and new items added, including Leopard Tanks, another Luchs armored car, Marder IFVs with the rear-mounted MGs, HS-30s, and a Fuchs.

Lots of armor available to create a decent start on a West ...
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Re: Necromunda- new vs. old rules?

3 hours 53 min ago
Quote from: Bloodaxe on December 17, 2017, 05:13:00 PMAre there still skills like Step back and Dodge, Gunfighter?
Do you collect money for buying equipment and hiring more gang members?
Like the old rules.

The more I learn ab...
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Re: Gangs of Rome

3 hours 54 min ago
Malifaux though is quite unique i its style(one of its selling points) one could use proxies but it is not equivalent to all those peeps that did gangs of rome/collect roman minis that now find that they need to buy more minis to use the new rules.

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Can you help suggest “Celtic” trolls / ogres / giants?

December 17, 2017 - 23:53
I’m looking for a troll / ogre / (small) giant that will fit with a Celtic warband for Broken Legions (using the cyclops rule). My google-fu is failing me. Just missed a badly painted GW ogre hunter on EBay. Can anyone suggest any that won’t break the ...
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