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Updated: 40 min 14 sec ago

Re: Fenrir's Dracula's America Stuff.

4 hours 41 min ago
Great work.  The oriental gang is superb. 

Who makes the Django figure with the machine gun and coffin?
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Re: New Cmon Lovecraftian game, 'Death May Die'

4 hours 47 min ago
I like the investigator miniatures, not too sold on the monsters.

I was originally in for everything but after watching some game play and reading some write ups I dropped down to a basic pledge.

I really don't like the attitude of 'shoot it! Shoot it!...
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Re: [Portuguese in India] Goa 1510 WIP (Upd 17Th July)

4 hours 50 min ago
Simply jawdropping 
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Re: I'm not a robot

4 hours 52 min ago
I think I'll have to create another thread about the figures on the Skirmish Outbreak forum, though I'll wait a bit as the owner seems to be absent at th emoment, jusging by the general lack of activity. The only figures available in their store are fo...
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Re: Playmobil Galley for 28mm - conversion work

4 hours 55 min ago


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Re: The Lord of the Rings - Painting and Listening!

5 hours 41 min ago
Continuing to listen to the BBC Radio Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. Episode 2 contains a scene written by J.R.R. Tolkien that does not appear in The Lord of the Rings! And painted a high-elf to boot.  Full story:
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Re: Need help with EIR scale cross-range

5 hours 43 min ago
The EIR cavalry has been announced as a September/October release
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Re: Tonkin - Deck guns page 2

5 hours 47 min ago
Any updates on the boar?
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Re: Tonkin 1883-85 Next up for Gringo40s

5 hours 49 min ago
Green port excellent
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Re: (WANTED): Crusader Miniatures - German Cavalry

5 hours 58 min ago
No replies? 
I noticed that some of them were recently sold on this bazaar, but I seem to have been a few minutes too late to the party. If the lucky buyer might want to spare only one of these I could be very happy!
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Re: Faux-Fur an Experiment and some advice needed

6 hours 43 min ago
Well, for another opinion, I like that you included the roads and trails - but it does 'hard wire' them into your gaming options.  As to getting a bigger piece with a shorter knap, that does seem to be a challenge these days, been years since I found m...
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Re: Gibby's Rackham Fixation (Updated 7/17)...

6 hours 46 min ago
The lone mounted figure from the Alchemists of Dirz army... Razheem the Insane...

<img s...
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Re: Battle at the gates of Nuln

6 hours 52 min ago
Quote from: noigrim on Today at 10:18:32 AMThe campaign rules a re from the general's cmpendium I can PM you the chapter if you want, here's the map:

[img width=1000 height=641]https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jY-G3TRJ2sA/...
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Re: AWI/F&I War Terrain Piece

6 hours 58 min ago
Nice but still a bit too 'straggly' to my eye - maybe a pair of nail clippers to cut away some of those odd bits here and there to 'clean' it up might help.  But, again, don't overdo the clean up, still needs to be wild.  Just shows up very strong in p...
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Re: The Lemonade Wars: The Project. (Beat Cop conversions)

6 hours 58 min ago
Nice work mate 
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Re: Would there be any interest in these?

7 hours 44 min ago
I'd buy them in 15mm
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Re: Setting the East Ablaze 2e -- what are changes? New scenario book coming.

7 hours 44 min ago
Hi Steve --

Sorry if I sounded a bit short. Sometimes a 2nd edition contains "clean-up" revisions and sometimes, like you say, wholesale changes.

I'll pick up a copy of 2e at the next convention.


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Re: Napoleonic French Infantry&Artillery

7 hours 53 min ago
Most impressive 
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Re: under Fire Miniatures July releases

7 hours 54 min ago
Separate in the way that a pair of pliers and a quick twist would make them separate...

I've far too many guys with AKs right now, so probably won't pick these up (and that's before I pledge for another Chechen Kickstarter). Still, there's not many RPD...
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Re: Mighty Unicorn

7 hours 55 min ago
Quote from: beefcake on Today at 12:47:23 PMSpotted this on Facebook. Unfortunately my daughter was around. She then screamed at me "get it". She's unicorn mad. I really like it and want to get it but know it would n...
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