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Updated: 36 min 13 sec ago

Re: Banners

46 min 48 sec ago

Your banners are almost ready. It is necessary to change the monogram on the yellow banner. I think in a week they will be available in the store. 
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(Commercial) Dark Clergy Black Friday Deals from Blind Beggar Miniatures

53 min 50 sec ago
From now until tomorrow at noon UK time, the Dark Clergy in all of their forms will be available in special Black Friday Deals.

It just seemed appropriate somehow....

Just type in 'clergy' in the 'Search' box and you will find them:

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Re: Commecial - Scorched Earth lasercut stuff - a plug for a chum!

1 hour 40 sec ago
Good useful stuff. Boarding torpedo is a great concept.
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Re: The LAF Games Workshop Discussion Thread

1 hour 41 sec ago
Becoming a big fan of all the easy build clip together stuff, the lower pricepoint is much closer to what I can pay/willing to pay for new toys, plus I'll end up converting them anyway so it doesn't matter too much if they all look alike in the same bo...
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Re: Gangs of Rome

1 hour 21 min ago
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Re: The Great Antipodean Adventure

1 hour 24 min ago
I suspect those details are open to question too. Another vote for four Mk. II* Specials ordered and built in 1929, and delivered in 1930 here, followed by ten Light Mk. VIa in 1936. That the unit was called a 'section' is another give away, if there w...
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Re: FfOL - UD 22/11 - cantina now built (p5)

1 hour 24 min ago
Quote from: BaronVonJ on Today at 02:21:57 PMI spent way too many Christmas vacations at Old Tuscon as a kid.

Well it seems to have led to a great set of rules 
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Re: When did you change from Enamel to Acrylic Paints?

1 hour 25 min ago
I started with normal models like many folks - but my dad was a modeler, so I just inherited some old pots of Testors paint.  I assembled some plastic models and likely painted them very poorly with said paints.

When I was maybe 12-14 and started into ...
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Re: FfOL - UD 22/11 - cantina now built (p5)

1 hour 29 min ago
I spent way too many Christmas vacations at Old Tuscon as a kid.
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Re: "not too green" oldhammer orcs and gobs paint schemes ?

1 hour 33 min ago
I had a rummage through my thread to find some alternative schemes and found a fair few (many of them rather dubious!):

[img width=8...
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Re: Brother Vinni's miniatures

1 hour 38 min ago
Placed a Black Friday sale order on some of the Renaissance minis, the discount was too good to pass
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Re: (NEW) Post a picture of the last game you played! 7/01/2017+

1 hour 39 min ago
Excellent game, Devil's Run.  I'm in the middle of painting up my models at present.
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Re: Western Town Layout and Board

1 hour 48 min ago
Quote from: dinohunterpoa on November 18, 2017, 07:50:46 PMYou don't need to convince your wife of anything, just plant the idea as if it came from her own mind and you're done! 

You’ve done that before!
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Re: The Department/Cyberpunk project (Vid screen update 24/11/17)

1 hour 49 min ago
I found one of those lights on eBay that does have a battery pack. I think they all have. Good find BTW.
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Re: (NEW) Post a picture of the last game you played! 7/01/2017+

1 hour 52 min ago

We played two more games from the Devil's Run campaign yesterday. Lots of fun again with tons of mayhem, crashes and gunfire.
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Re: Building Better Boards

1 hour 56 min ago
Quote from: Hammers on Today at 08:49:56 AMWell, you are not making things easier for yourself, translating it to Spanish since it is in italian. 

I’m going to play the rude British person card!

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Re: HYW French for Lion Rampant

2 hours 5 min ago
Nice work. 

Rest assured that outside of the towns, the longbow was far more common than the crossbow in France north of the Loire; although much rarer the further south you went.
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Re: Westfalia news - Van Halfling.

2 hours 29 min ago
The vampire would have to be called Arthur Pint...
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Re: Under Fire Miniatures: Coming soon.

2 hours 34 min ago
Looking interesting.

Must order some.
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Re: ChargeDog's Adventures in Bazistan

2 hours 41 min ago
This week's post is up! We're looking into the archives of Spectre again, this time focusing on the rarer/out of print figures. There may even be another secret one right at the end...

[img width=600 height=960]https://i2.wp.com/hntdaab.co.uk/blog/wp-c...
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