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Review: Test of Honour Samurai Warband

7 hours 35 min ago
Rating: The Samuari Warband box set from Warlord Games is one of several expansions for Test of Honour. The box contains the following: 1 plastic sprue of Samurai (5 models) 2 plastic sprues of Ashigaru (10 models) 1 plastic sprue of Ashigaru Missile troops (5 models) 20 small bases 5 group bases 1 set of ‘Clan’ cards in an alternative colour to the main box (brown) I think it’s fair to say that the issues with this box set are many-fold, starting with the instructions: The assembly instruction leaflets (which are copies of those included in the main game) seem to have been put together by someone who has seen the model sprues, but doesn’t seem to have much idea about how the different parts were originally intended to be used with the models. As a result there are a number of issues with how models are constructed, including the now-infamous ‘heavy sword’ pose (Samurai incorrectly shown wielding a sword with a round bulb part way down the scabbard)  Ashigaru being shown wearing two swords etc. Whoever produced these seemed more intent on showing how each modelling option and accessory could be used on the miniatures, rather than taking notice [...]
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Test of Honour – Painting a warband for Warring States event

September 24, 2017 - 22:30
It’s fair to say that my painting has been somewhat stalled over the past few months – I haven’t really done anything since building scenery for our ‘Kenneth’s Heroes’ project back in June. I’m hoping to correct that somewhat over the Autumn, and of course nothing concentrates the mind more than an approaching deadline – in my case, the Warring States Test of Honour Event, which is happening at Warlord Games HQ on the 30th September. i.e. Next weekend! When I attended the ToH boot camp earlier this year, I managed to borrow one of the Warlord shop armies, based on the excuse that I had broken my wrist so couldn’t have painted a force in time. I didn’t think that I could get away with the same excuse four months later, so I really had to get a warband painted. My initial thought was to use a fully mounted warband, using Takeda cavalry as my inspiration. I was almost committed to this – and had indeed purchased the Daimyo’s Retinue box set in order to get the mounted retainer cards – when I saw an article on the Tiny Hordes blog about him building a couple of retinues for Ronin, based [...]
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Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 230 – Ground Zero Games

September 23, 2017 - 14:29
Download Episode 230 Welcome to Episode 230 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to, which this week includes Wings of Glory WWI, Conqueror Models Dwarves, Star Wars: Armada and Empires at War buildings. For the feature part of our show this week, we chat with Jon Tuffley from Ground Zero Games. We talk about how he got started in the industry, the birth of the classic games Full Thrust, Dirtside and Stargrunt, and what the company is doing at the moment. We even get chance to answer a few listener questions. We hope you enjoy the show. Ground Zero Games Ground Zero Games Rules Downloads Daemonscape   If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures
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Of all the Kickstarters in all the world…

September 22, 2017 - 15:18
Sally 4th have just launched a new Kickstarter to launch a range of 28mm Pulp miniatures based on a classic movie from the 1940’s The initial project is to fund the production of 3 packs of miniatures, which fit in all-to-well with one of Sally 4th’s existing MDF scenery packs. Whilst £30 will get you all three packs of miniatures, £90 will see you being able to get the full film set. The project has already funded, and is running until the 8th October, with delivery due in January 2018. This looks to be the start of a number of ranges from this genre – great stuff. Back it, Sam.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Pulp
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X-Wing – Flying Casual

September 21, 2017 - 14:15
  I’d noted in my first post about Dilution Theory that I hadn’t played the X-Wing Miniatures Game this year, despite very much enjoying the game. One of the main causes of this (other than breaking my wrist earlier this year and missing the Regional at Battlefield Hobbies) was the fact that my main opponent – my son Josh – moved away from home. He’s now back, which is a huge bonus as we play several games together, such as Runewars, Ninja All-Stars, Planetfall, Lord of the Rings LCG and, of course, X-Wing. We are now making a visit to the Friday club night at Battlefield Hobbies a regular part of our week, which has meant that we’ve been playing X-Wing for the last few weeks – primarily due to the fact that Josh had been inspired by watching trailers for the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. As I have previously written, I’m not a huge fan of meta-gaming in X-Wing, and actually avoid it if at all possible, so I haven’t read that much about squadron building – I’d much rather think about what I fancy flying and then throw something onto the table at the start of the evening, [...]
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Knowing your Angmar from your Erebor: Getting started with Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

September 20, 2017 - 10:00
Following a recent conversation with a podcast listener, in which I was discussing the merits of playing The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, from Fantasy Flight Games, solo, I was subsequently presented with a couple of issues, which all boiled down to answering a (relatively) simple question: Where on Middle Earth do you start? LOTR:TCG has been out for several years now, and as it’s a deck building game, each new expansion adds more and more cards. Couple that with the fact that there a multitude of expansions, and this can quickly become quite bewildering to the new player. One important thing to note – LOTR:TCG is not a collectible card game. Each expansion pack has a fixed content, so you don’t have to collect absolutely everything in order to keep up with play. Start at the beginning: The Core box As the song says, the beginning is a good place to start – in fact, the one mandatory purchase for this game is the Core box. As well as the rules (although these, and an FAQ, are available online) the Core set contains cards and tokens that you will need throughout the game. The cards in the game are divided [...]
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Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 229 – The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

September 19, 2017 - 09:11
Download Episode 229 Welcome to Episode 229 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to, which this week includes Direwolf Rampant, Lord of the Rings miniatures and The Lord of the Rings Card Game. For the feature part of our show this week, we provide an in-depth review of the boardgame The Godfathe: Corleone’s Empire – designed by Eric M Lang and published by Cool Mini Or Not. We hope you enjoy the show. Thanks to Firestorm Games for lending us with a copy of the game to play and review If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: Boardgame Review
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28mm Dark Age Dwarves from Conqueror Models

September 18, 2017 - 11:36
Conqueror Models have just announced a new release of 28mm Dark Age Dwarves. These are sculpted by Colin Patten, who originally sculpted the Vendel Range, which was always one of my favourite range of Dwarf Miniatures. It was always none of my biggest regrets that I purchased all too few of the Vendel Miniatures range before they were sold to Sgt Major Miniatures in the US. Unfortunately, it appears that this company has recently ceased trading, as visiting their webstore now displays the following message: In the meantime, Conqueror models has started to release a new range of Dark Age Dwarves, which I have to say look pretty fantastic. The original release includes eight packs of spearmen, which give a total of 32 unique figures. A Command pack, Hearthguard and Dwarves with Dane Axes. Other troops are promised, so hopefully this will be the start of an extensive range of Dark Age fantasy miniatures from Conqueror. The miniature packs are priced at £6 for four models, but significant savings can be made by purchasing multiple packs. I’ll hopefully be posting a review of the miniatures in the very near future.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming
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Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 228 – Whatever happened to Ambush Alley Games?

September 10, 2017 - 09:16
Download Episode 228 Welcome to Episode 228 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to, which this week includes I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, Tokaido, Space Hulk: Death Angel and The Hereward Wargames Show . For the feature part of our show, we catch up with Shawn Carpenter from Ambush Alley Games. We chat about their publishing contract with Osprey Publishing, what has been happening since that contract came to an end, and look forward to the release of Ambush Alley: CQB We hope you enjoy the show. Ambush Alley Games website Ambush Alley Games on Facebook P.S. Sorry for the sound quality of my microphone in some parts of this episode. I have been working away from home, so recorded this on my phone from my hotel room. If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures
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Sally 4th produce MDF figure storage inserts for Really Useful Boxes

September 7, 2017 - 13:48
In the past, especially before the rise of foam inserts and carry cases, many gamers would probably store and transport their miniatures in A4 box files. These days, whilst box files are still used, those of use who don’t want to be buried under a mountain of foam instead find ourselves with a number of Really Useful Boxes – sometimes a scary number! Sally 4th, having recognised the widespread use of these, have just released an MDF conversion kit for the 9 Litre Really Useful Box so that it will carry miniatures with 25mm round bases. Here is their press release: Really Useful box conversion kits are released this week. These conversion kits take a Really Useful Box to the next level of usefulness! They allow two layers of figures to be stored safely and securely, each layer also being easy to lift out. This MDF kit is very easy to assemble and only needs some wood glue. The space inside a conversion kit allows for two inserts to sit snugly side by side on both the top and bottom layer. The idea behind this is that you can have two different inserts per layer. The height of each layer [...]
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Monolith Editions – major PR gaff over Conan: Book of Set Kickstarter

September 6, 2017 - 14:16
Monolith Editions scored a major hit when they published Conan: The Boardgame, with over 16,000 people backing the Kickstarter project. For several weeks they have been sending out trailers for a new, small Kickstarter project – Conan: The Book of Set. According to the publicity, this project was to produce a new book, similar in style to the campaign book produced with the original project (which, incidentally, was very nice indeed) which contained all the scenarios that had currently been published online, along with more pages of background information, artwork, and pictures of painted miniatures. In addition, it would also give the opportunity to purchase a limited number of the original KS pledge bundles, along with the KS exclusive models. The project was to run for 5 days, with delivery due within a couple of months. This project launched yesterday evening (UK time). However, in all their publicity, what Monolith completely failed to mention that the print run for The Book of Set was extremely limited, with each area of the world only being allocated a few hundred copies – there were a mere 400 English copies allocated to the whole of europe (as opposed to 700 French), 800 for North America [...]
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Troll Trader (TT Combat) acquires Relics

September 5, 2017 - 12:12
It was announced a couple of weeks ago that Tor Gaming, owners of the Relics Miniatures Game, had ceased trading. Last night, Tor Gaming announced that the Relics gaming system had been saved, and had been acquired by Troll Trader (TT Combat). Here is the full statement: Tor Gaming are very excited to announce Relics is saved! Since our announcement that Tor Gaming is closing we have been inundated with interested parties wanting to take on the mantle of ‘Keeper of Relicia’! We were a little overwhelmed by the response and want to thank everyone who took the time to message us. I am so pleased to announce the Relics gaming system has been acquired by TTCombat. The well-known producer of that awesome mdf terrain range is adding Relics to their growing stable of gaming systems, which include RUMBLESLAM and Carnevale. Coupled with their access to a large, well established distribution network, we believe TTCombat are perfectly placed to take Relics to where it deserves to be. In the short term, we will be transferring the production of the Relics range to TTCombat’s in-house production base down in sunny Cornwall, UK. They will then get on with familiarising themselves with [...]
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Hereward Wargames Show – Games in pictures

September 4, 2017 - 18:18
Sunday 3rd September 2017 saw the third Hereward Wargames Show, organised by the Peterborough Wargames Club. The show is held at the Cressett centre in Peterborough, which provides a nice light and airy venue. This year did seem a little less crowded than previously – there was a conscious decision by the organisers not to squeeze quite as many games and traders into the premises as they had previously. All-in-all a nice local show – several traders that you don’t necessarily see at every venue, and some bargains to be had at the sales tables. It’s well worth a visit (even if it is at the other end of the truly horrible A47 from Leicester!) Several games were on display, with many allowing participation by attendees – here are the ones that caught my eye: The Battle of Holme – WAB 1.5 Gamers A Dark Shadow Gathers – Peterborough Wargames Club Battle of Barnet – Bedford Gladiators Zulu! – Huntingdon & District Wargamers Dragon Egg Hunt – Phoenix Gaming Club Dead Man’s Hand – Phoenix Gaming Club The Battle of Put-In-Bay – Furness Warlords Forager – Stand To Games, which won the Nick Hawkins Memorial Trophy for best scenery Oppy [...]
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Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 227 – Firestorm Games

September 2, 2017 - 15:29
Download Episode 227 Welcome to Episode 227 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to, which this week includes Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, 7TV, Imperial Assault and The Trials and Tribulations of attempting to purchase a 15mm Achilles. For the feature part of our show, we talk to Andy Walpole, the Events Manager at Firestorm Games. We chat about what the venue has to offer and try to discover the secrets of its success. We hope you enjoy the show. Firestorm Games Hereward Wargames Show P.S. I apologise in advance for the end of the show – I wanted to re-record it, but faced a co-host rebellion! If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures
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‘Under The Desk’ – Caption competition entries

September 1, 2017 - 14:39
Well, it would appear that the caption competition for the photo below (courtesy of Mr Michael ‘Gitface’ Hobbs) really captured the imagination of our listeners, and we have been inundated with entries (with some going on at some length…) Many followed common themes from the podcast, literature and current events – there were some that were truly outstanding! A huge “Thank You” to everyone who entered – if nothing else, you certainly cheered up my days. Winners of the rules will be announced on next week’s show (Episode 228) Here are the entries – enjoy… Will this be a great hat for Ascot next year, let’s try Darling, the figure painting inspector is here Bloody 6mm figures… Martin Armstrong I know I have some unused paint brushes somewhere! James Hunwicke “In her lair, Shelob finds she has finally met her match and prepares for a hideous end…” Meep Mervyn Having again failed in his charge Neil attempts to go into hiding. After taking too long to decide his moves Neil’s opponents decide to make him part of the furniture. Neil attempts to hide from Mrs Shuck after she finds out how much he spent on Kickstarter. John Steed “In other news, a distraught wargamer [...]
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Dilution Theory – Part II

August 31, 2017 - 14:41
In my previous article I addressed an email from a listener who, having looked back at my previously stated ‘favourite games’, wondered how Gaming Dilution Theory (as expounded on numerous occasions by Dave Luff on the podcast) had affected them. In looking back over the list he compiled, it quickly became obvious that games that were still firm favourites had struggled to see table time in the past 12 months – longer in some cases – even when my regular gaming time has actually increased. There are, I think, several reasons behind this, but one of the major factors is the change in nature of our gaming group. For several years, Dave and I met up and played on our own, which meant that we primarily played miniature wargames and very few boardgames. More recently, we have been joined by two of my other friends, which means that our gaming group of four now primarily play boardgames. I don’t necessarily see this as a problem per se, but rather the changing nature of my gaming experience. I enjoy both boardgames and wargames, so after several years of concentrating on the miniatures side of the hobby, it’s gratifying to be playing [...]
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Dilution Theory – Part I

August 30, 2017 - 16:01
Regular listeners to the podcast will know that we regularly discuss Game Dilution Theory (GDT), especially when Dave Luff is on the show. The subject of GDT has recently been raised, thanks to a listener email from John which asked me how it has been affecting my gaming, based on my favourite games and projects from previous years. (Don’t you just hate it when people take notes and hold you accountable for things you have said in the past?) If you aren’t sure what it is, Game Dilution Theory can be summarized in a few brief statements: All gamers have a collection of games from which to choose when playing. There is a finite number of hours in the week in which games can be played. Adding to the collection of games means that there is more choice when choosing a game to play… …however, each additional game in your collection means that every game can be played less often – assuming that the same time is spent playing each game. Hence your gaming is diluted. Although we joke about how GDT clashes with what appears to be the ‘default’ setting of most gamers, which can usually be summarised: It’s new [...]
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