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Showcase: Eldar Female Autarch of Craftworld Iybraesil (Conversion)

July 17, 2018 - 11:00

Today I can present you my finished female Autarch conversion, painted for my Craftworld Iybraesil collection. It wasn't an easy conversion, putting my limited green stuff skill to the test, but despite some slightly rough spots, I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. Check out more pictures after the jump.
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Tutorial: Magnetizing an Imperial Knight Questoris

July 15, 2018 - 11:00

Hello everyone, Silvernome here back again with another post! But instead of showing off something I’ve painted, I thought I’d share some insight into how I magnetized my Imperial Knights. This will work with any of the basic Questoris class kits (Paladin, Errant, Crusader or Warden), perfect for the next titan for your Imperium or Chaos forces!
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Showcase: Apostles of Contagion Poxwalkers

July 14, 2018 - 11:00

Right, let's bookend the Apostles of Contagion  with a big, panoramic shot of all the Poxwalkers. :) Still my favourites models from the latest Nurgle range. 
Thanks for having a look, hope you like the models, and stay tuned for more!
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Showcase: Ultramarines Captain in Terminator Armour

July 13, 2018 - 11:00

The final model of my Ultramarines rework project: a Captain in Terminator Armour. One of the newest additions to my collection, he only needed minimal work. Check out more pictures after the jump.
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WIP: Stormcast Eternals Liberators #2

July 11, 2018 - 11:00

Quick post today to show I'm still working on these Liberators. I think the hardest part of these is done now. The yellow is time consuming but totally worth it. I'm hoping an hour or so a night for the next week will see these finished. How often and for how long do you paint for?  Get-a-Grips available here.

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Showcase: Death Guard Apostles of Contagion Characters

July 10, 2018 - 11:22

Here's the characters done! More after the jump
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Showcase: Adeptus Ministorum Knight "The Deathdealer"

July 9, 2018 - 11:35

Hi all! It's Knight time again. Here you can see my second finished Imperial Knight from House Teldor, pledging allegiance to the Adeptus Ministorum. Now I guess a Valiant Knight and some Armiger Warglaives would complete this small Knight household?!
What do you think and what army are you working on right now? Leave a comment below…
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Showcase: Ironskull's Boyz Orruks

July 7, 2018 - 11:00

Have I mentioned how much I love Shadespire! The easy-to-assemble push fit minis are great. You only have to paint the warband, not a whole army so getting that buzz from completing a project is quick and easy to achieve and there's no sense of dread looking at an army of grey plastic.
After the jump I show you some more pics of the Boyz, as well as my other two warbands. More after the jump
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Showcase: Death Guard Apostles of Contagion Plague Marines

July 6, 2018 - 11:00

Now let's look at the Marines themselves. Huge, too, aren't they?More after the jump
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WIP: Eldar/Aeldari Female Autarch of Iybraesil (Conversion)

July 5, 2018 - 11:00

This is a conversion I had in mind for quite a while now. When the plastic Autarch model was released, it almost immediately occurred to me that the arms and helmet from the classic Autarch sculpts would make for a great alternate pose. I also wanted a banshee mask and fusion gun over mandiblasters and fusion pistol, so there we go.

Iybraesil is a matrimonial society, so it was clear to me that my Autarch, like my Farseer, needed to be female. I carefully removed the detail on the chest and added more female shapes with green stuff. I also shaved down the crotch a little bit. I started painting the wings and helmet and now proceeded with the cloak and sash. I guess I'll never want to paint a unit of Swooping Hawks, even if they should ever get cool new models. Painting and highlighting all the individual "feathers" is such a drag, plus the wings are so pointy that the paint tends to rub off the points. A lot.

How do you like the conversion so far? Stay tuned for the finished paint job soon.
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Tutorial: How to Paint Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Liberator

July 4, 2018 - 11:00

Need some help with your Soul Wars box? I thought I'd put the White Dwarf free Stormcast Eternal model to good use and create a tutorial. So if you want more than just there paint recipes in White Dwarf and want high quality photos with explanations, then you're at the right place. Check out the detailed, quality photo tutorial after the jump.
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Showcase: Ultramarines Close Combat Terminators

July 2, 2018 - 11:30

Here we have my Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Lightning Claws, some of my few remaining Ultramarines models that needed refining. Check out more pictures after the jump.
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Showcase: Death Guard Apostles of Contagion Blight Lords

June 30, 2018 - 11:00

Proceeding with the AoC showcase. You know the drill, let's have a look at the finished Blight Lords.
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WIP: Shadespire Ironskull's Boyz

June 29, 2018 - 11:00

Shock horror, I've been gaming. I haven't gamed in years. Shadespire is fast to play and really enjoyable. I've been playing it in my lunch breaks at work with a colleague. It's small enough and compact enough to carry to work in my backpack. I've won as many games as I've lost with my Stormcast and now I've switched to the Orruks. So far I've lost two games with the Orruks with no wins. Both losses were against Fyreslayers. I really like the power and objective decks. Adds an element of randomness but also strategy to the game. Can't wait for my next game. Maybe I'll take a couple of pics and post a write up. Garfy's Get-a-Grips still available. 
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Showcase: Lord-Cellastant on Dracoth

June 27, 2018 - 11:00

Finishing this project feels so good. I've had the model for a couple of years and never did anything with it. Even when I finally decided to start recently it has still taken me a couple of months to complete it. I'm really happy with it.  More angles after the jump. More after the jump
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Showcase: Death Guard Apostles of Contagion Deamon Prince and Helbrute

June 26, 2018 - 11:00

Let's do a round of finished photos of the Apostles of Contagion, shall we? Starting with the big guys; a Daemon Prince and Hellbrute!More after the jump
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Showcase: Harlequin Player of The Masque of the Dance without End

June 25, 2018 - 11:00

At last, I completed reworking my Ultramarines, so it is about time for a new challenge. I've had a couple of plastic Harlequin models sitting around for quite some time now, but never got around to painting them. I've had several Masques in mind, including Soaring Spite, Silent Shroud and custom ones, but in the end I settled for The Dance without End. Their paint scheme allowed me to pick up several colours from both my Craftworld Iybraesil and Dark Eldar models, and I like their background. As Iybraesil is obsessed with exploring long lost maiden worlds, I imagine they must quite ofte encounter The Dance without End on their travels, as this Masque is familiar with the deepest and strangest reaches of the webway.

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Showcase: Roboute Guilliman by Alejo

June 23, 2018 - 11:00

Hello fellow hobbyist! I am Alejo and would like to introduce myself. Originally from Colombia, I currently reside in The Bronx, New York and have lived in the United States for quite some time! I have painted miniatures for over fifteen years, but more so the past two. It is during these two years that I have had the chance to hone in and improve my painting ability. With that being said, I look forward to sharing more of my work from time to time, and really hope that you enjoy it!
For this showcase, I bring you Roboute Guilliman. This was by far one of the most detailed and complicated miniatures that I have painted. It was completed with motivation from my colleague Silvernome, as we both attempted to complete the Primarch brothers to use in a game. The model itself was painted in a way that it reflected the original painted by Games Workshop. Some differences were considered however to reflect my own preferences. One example being the gold trim which was washed using an Citadel’s Fuegan Orange to reflect the armies that I use for games (6th Company). Most of my armies use an Ochre like colour to unify them as a force. Rather than using the open face, I decided to paint the helmet to imply Guilliman’s eagerness to combat! Some of the toughest areas to paint here were the crest, and the small details on the legs and groin area.

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Showcase: Ultramarines Scouts with Shotguns

June 21, 2018 - 11:15

Just a few more models to rework and I've finally brought my whole Ultramarines collection up to scratch! Whew, being the perfectionist I am, it took longer than expected... anyways, here are some Scouts with Shotguns. More after the jump.
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