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Updated: 48 min 58 sec ago

New Axemaidens for SAGA Available From Brother Vinni

1 hour 6 min ago

Most of the time, the figures from Brother Vinni are system-agnostic. But, in this case, they’re for SAGA, the dark ages game of combat and might. They have released a new set of 4 Axemaidens. And I’m guessing they’re not just waving those axes because their Viking husbands forgot to take out the trash again.

From the announcement:

So, we have little more SAGA for you. Welcome set of 4 Axemaidens!

Axemaidens (female warriors for SAGA). This set of 4 high-quality resin miniatures depicts fantasy viking-style women armed with axes and shields. This set would be a good addition for any SAGA warband or just for playing fantasy wargames. Miniatures designed and casted by Brother Vinni’s studio.

heroic 28 mm scale
grey polyurethane resin
multipart figures, unpainted, unassembled
bases not included


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Plastcraft/Corvus Belli Infinity Drawing Happening Today

2 hours 6 min ago

I know, this seems like it should be a Terrain Corner type of post. But by the time we get to Thursday, it’ll be all over. So, if you want to get yourself some free terrain from Corvus Belli and Plastcraft, you’d need to go and get your name put in the hat today.

From the post (as usual, all mentions of “this Facebook post” refers to the Corvus Belli post):

We draw 1 MeteoZon Research Center and 1 Sahn of the Sultanate buildings by Plastcraft Games! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #InfinityPlastcraft answering the following question: “Why do you want them for your game table?” Everyone who posts a comment during today, February 20th, will participate in the draw. We’ll announce the winner (February 21st) Good luck to everyone!


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Exclusive International Tabletop Day Items Available to Pre-Order

17 hours 6 min ago

There are a lot of holidays throughout the year (heck, as I mentioned earlier, it’s one here today in the US). But there’s only one holiday that’s specifically all about gaming. And it’s not just one country’s holiday. It’s everyone’s! It’s International Tabletop Day. And it’s been growing with every year. This year, you can even get some exclusive items. Just ask your FLGS to put their name on the list to get the box of goodies.

From the announcement:

This year, we’ll have five exclusive products you can buy at your friendly neighborhood gaming store on April 28:

A copy of Sparkle*Kitty with variant box art by Breaking Games
Sagrada Promos by Floodgate Games
Wonderland (an exclusive game) by Renegade Games
Action Cats ITTD expansion by Twogether Studios
ITTD Promo Pack by Fireside Games

If you want to pick them up on ITTD, make sure you tell your friendly local gaming store to order these items from their distributors by March 16 so they can have them in their stores the week of April 22. You can also remind your FLGS to register their ITTD even on to stay up to date.


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New Konflikt ’47 Releases Available From Warlord Games

February 19, 2018 - 23:00

Gee, Warlord Games has just been putting out all the minis lately, haven’t they? After Bolt Action and Beyond the Gates of Antares, they still had it in them to release a pair of Konflikt ’47 figures. And they’re no small things, either. You’ve got the Churchill Meteor tank and then the US M3A2 Pondskater scout walker.

In a bid to utilise more Rift-technology in enhanced combat power, a relatively minor line of development inadvertently spawned the Meteor Rocket and subsequently its tank-mounted launcher. The discovery of a metal degrading enzyme that could rapidly degrade armour plate led Britain’s Rift-tech scientists to develop a ceramic-tipped rocket that could be launched from a multiple launcher against heavily armoured targets.


As the US Army fought the Germans in France, their reconnaissance forces had to rapidly refine their skills in the face of experienced German opposition. The demand for an agile walker led to the creation of the M3A2 Pondskater.


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February Releases Available For Dark Age

February 19, 2018 - 22:00

There’s a new crop of releases available for Dark Age. Both Skarrd and Outcasts get a new faction box, so if you’re looking to join in with one of those, there’s a great starting-off point. Added to that, the Outcasts have a new Faction Deck. There’s some other Outcast and Skarrd releases, as well as the return of the Brood Howler in fancy, new packaging.

From the post:

While February tends to mean that love is in the air, on the world of Samaria, people aren’t trading Valentine’s. They’re trading bullets and sword slashes. However, we’re here to give you some love, in the form of this month’s releases for Dark Age. There are two new big boxes, one for Outcast and another for Skarrd. But that’s not all we’ve got for you.


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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases Available From Warlord Games

February 19, 2018 - 21:00

The Isorians love their drone technology. They use it a bit of everywhere. With these new releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares, they’re getting a pair of big drone fliers. But that’s not all. They’ve also got a speeder bike unit rushing to battle. Finally, both the Freeborn and Algoryn forces are getting new sprues.

The Mahran Vesh type 5 Combat Drone, often abbreviated to MV5, is the standard large combat drone found in Isorian armies throughout Antarean space. As with all fighting drones in the Isorian arsenal, it is a fully sentient machine, lacking a human crew, and entirely capable of operating in a variety of combat environments.

The box contains:

Multi-part resin model of Isorian Mahran Vesh MV5 armed with one plasma light support and a choice of plasma cannon, compression cannon, or fractal cannon.
metal Isorian Spotter Drone


The Tograh is a type 2 variant of the Mahran Vesh combat drone fully adapted to carry human or alien passengers in a separate transportation shell. The MV2 is a sentient machine, although depending upon its machine intelligence is not always rated at full combat level. However, even the most basic transporter is entirely capable of operating independently without human or other biological crew.

The box contains:

Multi-part resin model of Isorian Tograh MV2 Transporter Drone armed with a plasma light support
Metal Isorian Spotter Drone


SV 21 Takhan pulse bikes are designed for speed and manoeuvrability, making them ideal for hit-and-run missions where they can easily avoid slower and more heavily armed opponents. Pulse bike formations are used in a reconnaissance role, scouting out the ground both ahead and around Isorian forces, as well as high-speed raiders or fast-moving seize-and-hold units.

This box set contains the following resin and metal models:

1 x Pulse Bike Commander with plasma carbine, mounted on a Pulse Bike with twin plasma carbines
2 x Pulse Bike Troopers with plasma carbines, mounted on Pulse Bikes with twin plasma carbines
3 x Plasma lance upgrades


This sprue allows you to create 8 men, 2 marching and 6 in a dynamic standing position.


This plastic sprue allows you to create 5 Algoryn AI troopers, 3 marching and 2 in a dynamic standing position.


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Monday Terrain Corner

February 19, 2018 - 20:00

It’s President’s Day here in the States. That means that many people are off of work. Hey, at least that means clearer roads around here today. I can certainly dig that.
But, as it’s also a Monday, it means we need to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Mos Eisley Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault Now Available; Heroic Maps – Modular Kit: Desert City – Streets, Rooftops & Markets Now Available; Frontier Land Games Releases River Town Map; and Frosty Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Mos Eisley Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault Now Available

Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps have seen you travel the Star Wars™ galaxy, from the palace of the vile Jabba the Hutt, to the forgotten junk piles of Coruscant, to Nelvaanian warzones. Now it’s time to take the fight to Tatooine’s most famous hive of scum and villainy.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the Mos Eisley Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault, available now from from your local retailer!

Heroic Maps – Modular Kit: Desert City – Streets, Rooftops & Markets Now Available

Modular Kit: Desert City – Streets, Rooftops & Markets is a printable tileset compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game.

Modular Kit: Desert City – Streets, Rooftops and Markets comprises 84 different modular tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations. Depicting a desert city, the set is ideal for building towns and cities for RPG settings that include desert, Arabian, Persian, Moorish or other cultures that have similar architecture. The set contains 18 rooftop tiles (various sizes from 4×4 to 10×12), and 66 street tiles (long streets, market stalls, fountains, stairs, corners etc), and also includes a huge 16×14 open air market and a 16×14 plaza.

A set of 300dpi full size jpg files, for poster printing or VTT.
PDF of A4 300dpi for home printing
72dpi VTT Ready jpeg files

Frontier Land Games Releases River Town Map

This high quality map of a small Town located by a river on a series of small hillocks is now available for purchase . The map has forty six (46) buildings of various size and shape. This is a single map and is an overview of the Town. The map is available in jpeg, pdf, and tiff files.

Frosty Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Frosty Plain: Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play your battles an icy plain, whose snow-covered ground with sharp-edged rocks is inhospitable to anyone who wants to cross It, on a bare and impervious landscape, where the environmental conditions of iciness can be more dangerous than any enemy!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth /Mousepad
Available size: 4×6′ / 4×4′ / 3×3′ / 3×6′

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Anvil Eight Previews More Rhommox Sculpts for Aetherium

February 19, 2018 - 19:00

The Rhommox are unlike other factions for Aetherium. They’re not out for a particular ideology or simply trying to conduct business in a new form. They only want to spread, infect, and destroy. As such, their tactics are different from how others operate. And their figures are much more alien. Check out the Volatile sculpts below.

From the post:

A few more of the upcoming sculpts for our new Rhommox faction! First up are the mites. These little guys fight along their avatar the Mite Lord and can help keep him in the fight, or provide great distractions and annoyance to your enemy.

Volatiles are a fast moving segmented program. They act as living bombs that are capable of spreading lots of burnout to the enemy or can help spread the Rhommox corruption that infests a server.

Keep a look out for your first chance to get your hands on these, and alot of the other Rhommox models at Adepticon this year!


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AEG Announces That 70s Expansion for Smash Up

February 19, 2018 - 18:00

The thing about Smash Up is that AEG can pull in references from pretty much everywhere in order to make new factions. In this case, they’re hitting the wayback machine to the time of disco, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and polyester leisure suits. Yes, it’s the 70s.

From the post:

Can you dig it? We’ve put Smash Up into the not-so-wayback machine and set the controls for “GROOVY!”

That 70s Expansion celebrates all the greatest pop-culture memories from the Age of Aquarius! Put on your mood rings, bust out your leisure suits, spin that disco ball and put the pedal to the metal good buddy! The streets are mean, there’s a bear in the air, but the music is fantastic and everyone is Kung Fu Fighting!


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Corvus Belli Posts March Releases For Infinity

February 19, 2018 - 17:42

March is just around the corner. And, with it, a new set of releases for Infinity will be making their way to your tabletops. Coming in like a lion, you can check out what’s in store with this preview.

From the post:

Infinity March 2018 New Releases


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Limited Time Necromunda Re-Releases and New Stormcast Figure Available From Games Workshop

February 19, 2018 - 17:00

What’s old is new again. Since Necromunda has re-hit tabletops, players are getting nostalgic for some of the figures that used to be available for the game. Well, Games Workshop is here to help. For this week only, they’re taking orders for some classic figures. But it’s not only Necromunda with something new. Age of Sigmar is getting Neave Blacktalon as her own piece, instead of having to buy the previous box set to get her.


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Wyrd Previews Grave Golem

February 19, 2018 - 16:02

“You made the Earth move under my feet.” It’s something you say to someone else for really getting you or doing something great. For the Grave Golem, it could just be that part of the soil has come alive and looking to drag you down. I guess that does make digging graves easier. The Grave Golem is today’s Wyrd Preview.

From the post:

The Grave Golem is, essentially, a large chunk of graveyard that has been animated by the Resurrectionists to serve as a heavy enforcer. During battle, a Grave Golem can sink into the earth and reappear a few moments later halfway across the battlefield, provided that there is a corpse for the golem to form around. That something so large could move so quickly often comes as a surprise to the golem’s enemies, many of whom end up either battered to death by its massive Tombstone Fists or buried in a landslide of corrupted earth and grasping skeletal arms.


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Fantasy Flight Previews AT-RT For Star Wars: Legion

February 19, 2018 - 16:00

While we never see the Rebels using the AT-RT in the classic trilogy of Star Wars films, it was a piece of equipment that they could’ve possibly picked up, as we see Clone Troopers using them in the prequel trilogy. Not as heavily armed or armored as the AT-ST, the vehicle still gave some added protection to its rider, as well as some powerful weapons that a regular soldier wouldn’t’ve been able to carry on their own. They’ll be making their way to Star Wars: Legion, and Fantasy Flight is giving you a preview.

From the post:

The All Terrain Recon Transport, or AT-RT, was a common sight on the battlefields of the Clone Wars, piloted by Republic clone troopers and used in ground support, civil defense, and post-battle cleanup ops. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire has moved beyond the AT-RT—but the Rebel Alliance will take any advantage they can get, including salvaging and refitting these old walkers. Soon, you’ll be able to bring them to your own battles!

Within the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion, you’ll find a finely sculpted, unpainted AT-RT. This easily assembled miniature offers a different sculpt from the AT-RT found in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, along with three different weapons modifications that alter your AT-RT miniature to match the upgrades you’ve equipped. With unit cards and new upgrade cards to outfit your army, the AT-RT Unit Expansion has everything you need to expand your army.

The AT-RT Unit Expansion will be released on March 22nd, alongside seven other expansions and the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, so you can start building your armies from the very first day! You can pre-order your copies of the AT-RT Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our webstore today; then, read on for a preview of what you’ll find within!


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New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

February 19, 2018 - 15:00

Warlord Games has several new Bolt Action releases available for you today. There’s a new Panzer tank kit. They’ve got some new plastic sprues you can use to customize your forces. Finally, for you vehicle-fiends, there’s new vehicle cards for you to pick up.

Most commonly known as the Panzer 38(t), this light tank was originally a Czech design – the LT vz. 38 – which fell under the Third Reich’s control when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia in 1938. The ‘t’ in its designation relates to the German for Czech – tschechisch.

This box set contains:

One hard plastic Panzer 38(t)
A quick reference Bolt Action Stat card
A set of damage markers
A Full-coloured waterslide decal sheet
A detailed construction leaflet


This sprue allows you to create 6 action-packed British Airborne troopers, 2 standing, 3 running and one in a kneeling position.


This plastic sprue allows you to create 6 men, 2 in dynamic standing positions, 2 running, 1 marching and 1 crouching.


They’ve been appearing gradually in all our vehicle box sets as a FREE added extra and we know from your comments that you wanted them separately! Well here they are; the Bolt Action Vehicle Cards for a limited time only in 2 packs… Axis & Allies!


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Review Roundup

February 17, 2018 - 20:00

Saturday. How wonderful a day. I hope you’re taking advantage of it. I ran a bunch of errands this morning. Now I’m working on painting, of all things. I can’t tell you the last time I painted minis. It’s been quite a while.

But while I wait for this color to dry, lets get you the reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

This week, we have articles on: Alphas Volume #1, Lucky’s Misadventures, Act of Treason, Wildcatters, Konja, Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar, Hunt for the Ring, Decrypto, Minute Realms, Civilization: New Dawn, and Star Trek Adventures.

Undead Viking:

Alphas Volume #1 Review

Lucky’s Misadventures Review

Act of Treason Review

Board Game Quest:

Wildcatters Review

Each turn in Wildcatters, players will have the option to add infrastructure to the map as well as start drilling for and transporting oil. There are effectively two different currencies in the game: workers and shares. Workers are used to build trains, oil derricks, ships, and refineries. They are also used to initiate the drilling process and to transport oil from the fields to the harbor. However, it is unlikely you will be able to create all the pieces needed in each area you want to work, so you will often be using the trains and ships owned by other players. In doing so, you must pay them shares in your company.

Konja Review

The goal in Konja is to be the first player to reach 21 points. Each turn is played out over three phases:

Ancestor: The active shaman places an idol on an available ancestor tile. The player then receives a favor from that tile. Then, both shamans receive the blessing from that tile. Blessings are bonus actions that consist of gaining resources, relics, spells and victory points. The favors are usually a more powerful bonus tacked on to the matching blessing action.

Bones: The active wizard rolls 5 green dice and 2 action dice. They may then uses spells and Artifact cards to try and manipulate the results. Spells must be paid for with resource tokens, while artifacts are “exhausted” or require an action die to activate. The player is aiming for sets, runs, and high numbers on their dice roll.

Collection: In the collection phase, your opponent will have a chance to attack your results using a red die. Afterwards, the active wizard will exchange their dice results to gain resource tokens or victory points, depending on their results.

Afterwards, the next player takes their turn. Play continues until one player hits 21 points and summons the great storm.

Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar Expansion Review

The expansion comes with 144 cards divided up into a few areas. Each character (you have the character packs, right?) has a new set of skill and ability cards, along with a few treasures. These are how they “level up” during the campaign. Note: They will be replacing skills/abilities with better versions, not adding more to their repertoire.

Hunt for the Ring Review

After setup is complete, a game of Hunt for the Ring moves through two day phases and one night phase for a round of play. Each day phase grants a turn to each player, while the night phase grants extra movement and hunting options to the Ringwraith player.

During a turn for Frodo’s company, they make a hidden move using a sheet of paper behind a screen (starting from one of three random locations). Then, the player chooses to move space by space through numbered locations or through “dot” spaces between them. The Ringwraith players will know that Frodo’s company will move a single space or take a double move, but, of course, not necessarily the exact location.


Decrypto Review

Decrypto is a team clue-giving/deduction game for three to eight players. Each team works together to encrypt messages to their teammates without being intercepted by the opposing team. The first team to intercept two codes wins (or the first team to incorrectly guess their own code twice loses).

Minute Realms Review

Minute Realms is a card-drafting/city-building game for two to five players. Players draft cards over eight rounds to generate points and protect against barbarian invasion. The player with the most points after eight rounds is the winner.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn Review

Civilization: New Dawn is a civilization-building game that plays in 90 minutes or less. Up to 4 players compete to complete 3 agendas before anyone else in order to claim victory.

Polyhedron Collider:

Star Trek Adventures Review

Any Grammar Nazi out there will happily tell you…sorry, tell you happily… that Star Trek’s famous line “To Boldy Go..” should in fact read “To Go, Boldly…” as one should never split one’s infinitives. It can be a tad painful.

Over the last few months I’ve been going, boldly or otherwise, to a fellow Trek nerd’s house to get stuck into the recent roleplaying game from M?diphiüs Entertainment with a few more of my regular gaming group to see what all the fuss is about. Paul, our GM, even offered to make some Tea, Earl Grey, hot. So, I shaved my head and made it so.

The version we feasted our eyes on was the full-blown super-duper turbo edition that came in a replica Borg cube, which was a wonder to behold, with a price tag to match. There is a lot in the box already, but there will be additional content forthcoming and there’s space in the cube for more rulebooks for you to assimilate. We’re just playing the core rulebook at the moment plus a few extras that our GM has dug up.

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More Avanti Releases Available From Battlefront

February 17, 2018 - 00:00

While many focus on the Germans and the Japanese in terms of the Axis powers in WWII, let’s not forget that the Italians were part of that as well. They had quite the fighting force and engaged in actions all around Europe as well as North Africa. They’re also hitting tabletops in Flames of War with the release of the Avanti book. Well, Battlefront has some more units that you can pick up now.


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AEG Announces New Mystic Vale Expansion

February 16, 2018 - 23:00

Mystic Vale lets players actually customize their cards as they play. Using the clear sleeves, players will insert clear upgrades to their cards, building their deck in an entirely new way. The game already has several expansions, but more is on the way. In this case, it’s Conclave, and it will be available in April.
Plus, the box will be able to hold all your current sets.

From the post:

The Ultimate Mystic Vale Storage System, Expands Game to 6 Players & Adds More Expansion Content

As the struggle to restore the Valley of Life intensifies, the ranks of those combating the curse continues to swell. Druidic clans from across the land heed the call, including the Frostcaster and Nightvale clan.


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Mantic Shows Giant Renders For Kings of War: Vanguard

February 16, 2018 - 22:00

Big miniatures are my favorites. Sure, I have a fondness for Gretchin and Skinks and such. But the really huge figures are my real favorites. And Kings of War: Vanguard has some huge minis coming with it. Mantic is showing off renders of the giants that you can get as part of the Late Pledge campaign for the game. These figures clock in at 180mm tall, with plenty of alternate parts to customize your kit and create different types of giant.

From the post:

Mantic Games has unveiled some new renders for the fantasy giant that’s currently available in the late pledge manager for Kings of War: Vanguard. This mighty beast measures an impressive 180mm tall and is made from PVC plastic. It will come with alternative arms and an alternate head so you can create a variety of giants for your wargames. There’s also a $10 Frost Giant upgrade kit available, so you can turn the giant into a chilly chap! The plastic fantasy giant can be picked up for just $25, or it comes included with the $150 Giant Pledge (which also has four full Vanguard warbands, scenery and lots more). Late pledges for Kings of War: Vanguard close on February 28th


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Draft Packs Now Available For Star Wars: Destiny

February 16, 2018 - 21:00

I love draft events. Sure, there’s something to creating a deck ahead of time and making sure it’s as tightly-wound as you can. But there’s also something to flying by the seat of your pants, making your deck from a limited set of cards and having to use only your wits and skill to make it through. Star Wars: Destiny has new draft packs that you can use to have some cool events with.

From the announcement:

A new style of play has opened up for you to explore. The Rivals Draft Set for Star Wars™: Destiny is on sale now from your local retailer or online through our website!

Darth Maul and Boba Fett take on Rey and Qui-Gon Jinn on the frozen tundra of Hoth. General Grievous and Grand Moff Tarkin do battle with Finn and Wedge Antilles on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Star Wars™: Destiny has always allowed you to play out what-if battles in the Star Wars galaxy. Now, prepare for a new way to play with the Rivals Draft Set!

Rivals introduces an entirely new way to play Star Wars: Destiny, using a Rivals Draft Set for any number of draft or sealed format games! Draft lets you compete against your friends to build the best deck from a shared pool of cards. Each player will have a single Rivals Draft Set, along with a pool of booster packs from any set (six per player). Players select individual cards from booster packs to mix with their Rivals Draft Set to create a deck.

In the sealed format, on the other hand, players open all of their packs and their copy of the Rivals Draft Set at once and construct a deck from their unique pool of fifty cards. Sealed and draft play present a fresh new way to experience Star Wars: Destiny, and once you own a copy of the Rivals Draft Set, you will always be able to use it to participate in either of these unique formats. For an in-depth preview of how the draft format works, click here!

After deck construction, players will play a series of games, using their new decks to see how they stack up against each other. While the cards from your booster packs will make up much of your deck, the heart of the experience lies in the cards found in Rivals.


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Portal Dragon Announces Palm Island Card Game

February 16, 2018 - 19:00

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of easily-portable games that can just slide into your gaming backpack and go with you. Palm Island is just such a game. It even has a solo variant so you can play when nobody else is around. Portal Dragon will be bringing it to Kickstarter in a couple weeks and wanted you to all get hyped about it ahead of time.

From the announcement:

Palm Island is a portable game that you can take with you anywhere. Sitting, standing, waiting, riding, flying, relaxing, alone, together you can play Palm Island.

Using a deck transforming mechanic a player uses just 17 cards over 8 rounds to shape their island and overcome its unique challenges. Store resources to pay for upgrades and upgrade buildings to access new abilities. Each decision you make will alter your village from round to round. At the end of 8 rounds calculate your victory points.

While playing solo players can achieve feats by meeting specific criteria during their games. Once they have earned a feat it’s card can be used in all future games. Collect more feats for more abilities and score even more points

While playing with others you may play competitively racing to recruit valuable members for your village and gain more victory points than your opponents. Or play cooperatively working together to prepare for disasters that lurk on the horizon.

The game comes with 2 player decks, competitive cards, cooperative cards and solo feat cards. Multiple games can be combined to add even more players.

At Portal Dragon, we have a commitment to communication and quality. Palm Island is no exception. As a solo game that will see a lot of use, wear and tear we are starting with 300 GSM blue core cards with an early stretch upgrading the quality to 330 GSM black core cards. In addition, we are offering an all-weather version of the game with durable plastic cards so you can take your island anywhere.

1-2 Players
20 Minutes

On Kickstarter February 27 – March 14th


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